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Photo of Colony Cats volunteers

to All of Our 2019 Supporters –

Together we are saving lives!

In 2019, with your support, Colony Cats (& dogs) helped more than 4,000 dogs and cats in central Ohio. We couldn't do it without you!

Click the photo above to view a special thank you video dedicated to you, our wonderful supporters!

Photo of the Eli Cantrell

February Volunteer of the Month:

We love our volunteers! They give so much to help us, so we're giving them a big "shout-out" with our Volunteer of the Month feature.

Introducing our February Volunteer of the Month – Eli Cantrell. One of the things he likes best about volunteering with Colony Cats is matching adopters with cats and seeing them off to their new homes.

Eli's advice for new Colony Cats volunteers is to give it time – like all things, volunteering takes time before you get the hang of it – don't let first day nerves scare you away . Click here to read more and learn about Eli.

Picture a feral cat sitting in an outdoor food shelter.


The fall and winter months provide special challenges to our outdoor feline friends. Whether it be freezing temperatures or exposure to chemicals, there are things we can all do to minimize danger.

CLICK HERE to read our article with information and links about winter shelters and care for feral cats, along with helpful tips we should all remember to keep pets safe during the cold-weather season.

Spay and Neuter at 4-Months Old

Photo of cat with food dish that says uh-oh

Cats and dogs can get pregnant much sooner than you think. 50% of all pets born are accidents. Spay or neuter your pet at four months old to help prevent those accidents and save millions from being killed in shelters each year. Click here to read an Alley Cat Allies article on why spay and neuter at 4 months old is so important. Click here for a great article from Best Friends Animal Society about the importance of spay and neuter.

Colony Cats is excited to announce that we are a network partner of Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends believes that collaboration with local pet shelters and animal rescue organizations – the people who know their communities best – is key to ending the killing in America’s shelters.

Click here to see our listing of local, low-cost spay/neuter resources.

Photo of Cat Butt Scratch and Sniff book cover and pages

Cat Butt Scratch and Sniff Book

Which cat butt smells like blueberries? Or maple syrup? You can find out once you've entered into the magical world of Cat Butt Scratch and Sniff — the world’s first and only scratch and sniff book about cat butts! Featuring 11 lovable illustrations, and scents that don’t smell like poop. (Because that would be gross.)

Cat Butt Scratch and Sniff was made for cat lovers – period. Men, women, adults, kids; it doesn’t matter. If you’ve got a sense of humor, this book is for you! And it's the purrfect gift for all of your cat-loving friends.

Click here to get a 10% discount off your purchase (courtesy of our partnership with the author) and Colony Cats will get a $1 donation for each book sold. They also have other cool cat butt themed items for sale like tshirts and temporary tattoos! (Discount will automatically apply at checkout)

picture of a cat caption says Love is Positive Adopt an FIV+ cat

and FIVE are FREE!*

Did you know that Colony Cats Adoption Center has an FIV+ Cat Room? We do – and it's full of positively beautiful and loving FIV+ cats! Come in and meet these special kitties today - they're waiting for you. Being FIV+ doesn't matter to them - being loved does.

Normally our adoption fee for an FIV+ cat is $25, however one of our awesome supporters is sponsoring the adoption fees for the next 5 FIV+ cats that are adopted (*with approved application).

FIV+ cats can live healthy, long lives in a low-stress environment with proper veterinary care when needed. All of our FIV+ cats are vetted, vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped.

Click Here to download a FAQs sheet with tips and information about these positively special cats.
Click Here to visit Best Friends website with more information about FIV and FIV+ cats.

picture of a black and white cat caption says Got Pests? Hire a Barn Cat


Our Barnyard Guardians are all-natural, pesticide-free, rodent controllers. Whether you have a barn, warehouse, brewery, horse farm, grainery, etc., these beautiful healthy cats are pros at keeping pesty critters from moving in.

We provide fully vetted, spayed/neutered, feral/semi-feral cats. (We do ask that you take two for bonding.) You provide shelter, daily food/water (cats can't live on mice alone), and veterinary care as needed. Most importantly you provide a second chance at life for a pair of homeless cats who may have had a less fortunate future.

Click Here to download our Barn Cats Information Flyer for more details. Print it out and share it with someone you know who might benefit from these helpers. If you have any questions, or are interested in barn cats call 614-570-0471 – leave a message and we will contact you – or click here to email.

Ready to adopt a pair of barn cats? Click here to fill out and submit our Barn Cat adoption application.

Kroger Rewards logo


Kroger's Community Rewards is a free and easy way to help raise funds for Colony Cats.

Now is a great time to sign-up. Go to the KROGER WEBSITE and either "Sign In" or "Create an Account". Click on "Community Rewards" from the Account Menu, then choose Colony Cats as your organization. Colony Cats group number is CT262. (If you're already signed up you no longer need to re-enroll.)

Once you're registered you should see Colony Cats listed as your community rewards recipient at the bottom of your store receipts. There's no cost for you to take part – just swipe your Kroger Plus card when you check-out, and Colony Cats automatically earns dollars!

Thanks for taking part in this easy way to support Colony Cats. Spread the word – ask your friends and family to sign up too.

Colony Cats Adoption Center Wish List


A great way you can help out is to donate useful and much needed items to Colony Cats Adoption Center.

Here's a wish list our kitties put together - print it and take it with you while shopping, or post it in your community. Your donation of items will help make their wishes come true!! (Of course, their biggest wish of all is a forever home.)

Please drop off items during the Adoption Center's open hours: Tue–Fri 4 pm-7 pm • Sat–Sun 12-4 pm
2740 Festival Lane, Dublin OH 43017 • 614-570-0471

You can also donate items using Colony Cats' Amazon Wish List. Quickly and easily purchase food, litter and other supplies. Choose the items you wish to donate and Amazon ships them directly to us.

Click Here to shop online for useful items that we've picked out. It's a great way to easily donate things we need to help the cats and dogs in our care!

Pictures of cats at adoption center


At Colony Cats Adoption Center, the "pawsitives" of volunteering abound - literally! As a helper at our cageless center, you will be entertained by the playful antics of our cat adoptees - they're up, down and all around! Pitch in with other animal lovers to keep the center tidy and care for the cats. Hours are flexible to your schedule.

If one of your favorite sounds is "meow" please contact us now! 614-570-0471 or by email.

Colony Cats Adoption Center:
2740 Festival Lane, Dublin OH 43017
Hours: Tue–Fri 4 pm – 7 pm • Sat–Sun 12 noon – 4 pm

Ready to get started?
Just download and fill out the Volunteer Opportunities and Application Form and Waiver.
You can either bring it by the Adoption Center (address above)
or mail it to: Colony Cats, P.O. Box 163904, Columbus, OH 43216-3904

Want to help us spread the word? Click here to download our Adoption Center Volunteer Flyer.
Print it out, and share with your friends and family. The more the "meowier"!

Adoption Center New Volunteer Orientation – third Monday of every month at 7pm:
Sept 16, 2019 | Oct 21, 2019 | Nov 18, 2019 | Dec 16, 2019
at our Adoption Center (address above)

If you'd like to be a volunteer at our Adoption Center helping out during open hours, we ask you to please attend this orientation. (Please note this orientation is only for youth and adult volunteers wanting to volunteer during our open hours at our adoption center. (A parent must attend the orientation with youth volunteers.) To register for this orientation Click Here to email us.

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